Welcome to Goldy’s! We pride ourselves on serving cold beer. Come in today and see how our incredible food and impeccable service surrounded by a remarkable atmosphere creates the ultimate dining experience.

The Ultimate Dining Experience

Our sports bar extravaganza has plenty of wide screen TVs to cover college, NFL and any sporting event taking place for the week. We specialize in Southern Indiana Fried Chicken, Pizza, sandwiches and more. Come in and enjoy our daily, weekly, and sporting event specials.

Goldy’s Family

How can we provide the best dining experience in Cape Coral? Because at Goldy’s, we don’t have employees — we have family; and our family gets sheer enjoyment out of being good at what they do. We’re energetic, smiling, and most importantly trained to provide you with the best service possible. 

If that sounds like you, then come join the family!